Evoking Nostalgia

Born of a love for all things beautiful,Tronc&Co. was founded to share our aesthetics combined with the skill of local craftspeople, in November 2019.
Jaipur has numerous highly skilled and talented artisans for whom work is worship.
At Tronc&Co. My sister Arushi and I were able to gather a team of these artisans who have been associated with our family over the years to create objects inspired by trunks and travel cases from the days of steamship travel,and give them a look that is more embellished and contemporary.
From trunks and gun cases,ammunition boxes and hunting bags to watch boxes, jewellery cases and handbags,our products have seen an evolution that is both dynamic and on trend.
Each piece is bespoke and handcrafted to order. A total of 9 artisans work on these boxes and take pride in their creation and finish. The artist gives them their personalities and they are then lacquered to preserve a piece of art created just for you.

Aaditi Madhok Pardal
Founder and creative head at Tronc & Co. Jaipur.

Contact US

+91 98298 11110
G-2, Neelkanth Apartments,
Ramesh marg, c-scheme, Jaipur- 302001.